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Building off the Intro to AcroYoga workshop, this workshop is a delightful blend of partner yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. Whether by yourself or with a partner, you’ll have an increased ability to discover what yoga is really about – union. Working together with a friend, the person you love, or a new friend, you’ll explore the qualities of trust, balance, surrender, and play! The inverted poses can be combined with massage, creating a therapeutic experience, allowing the spine of the flyer to open and stretch while the base (the person supporting the flyer) receives a strengthening exercise.  In Beginner/Intermediate AcroYoga you will experience the joy of connection and touch, which puts us in a place to give and receive the gift of flying.

Crystal has been an L.A. based AcroYoga instructor for 5 years. She first found AcroYoga as a way to improve her rock climbing and not only did it pair perfectly, but it improved many other movements in her life. She also fell in love with the unique human connection created. Now she teaches privates, workshops and festivals to spread joy of AcroYoga across the world. You can find Crystal on Instagram @acroroots.

Sarah Yovovich has been teaching formally since she was 12 years old, and her inner 12 year old and outer 42 year old both love sharing Thai massage, handstands, and AcroYoga as tools for healing through play. She weaves wisdom from Chinese medicine’s 5 Element Theory into all of her offerings, finding inspiration in the connections we can draw between nature and our internal landscapes.

Wear comfortable yoga clothes and bring a mat. Come alone or with a companion.

$25 per person

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