Sound Healer Training with Amber

August 19, 2023 - August 20, 2023

Join Amber for a two day intensive to become a certified sound healer! You will explore various sound healing techniques, cover the fundamentals of sound therapy, learn how to incorporate sound into your private practice and how to lead and facilitate a sound bath. We will be working with alchemy bowls, 432hz and 440hz crystal singing bowls, chimes, ocean and buffalo drums, the gong and more! Your voice is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize in a sound bath, so we will cover mantras, breathing techniques and powerful affirmations to help you create the most empowering experience! Access your healing abilities through the magic of sound therapy and start your journey today!

what you can expect:
An introduction to a variety of sound healing instruments
A beginners journey into accessing your voice and how to utilize it to create a sacred space
A deep understanding of the fundamentals of sound therapy and how to use specific frequencies to heal the body
How to become a channel for the healing and how to hold space for others
How to incorporate music and harmony between the instruments
How to unblock and activate chakras and other energy centers in the body
Lots of hands on practice in a group setting
A certification you can feel confident in and proud of

what to bring:
Your manual
No instruments are required, however you are invited to bring your own
Comfortable clothes
A water bottle
A journal to take notes

Sat 12-6pm studio C
Sun 12:30-3:30pm studio A

Class size is limited to ONLY 10 students to ensure everyone gets a lot of hands-on practice. We’ll see you there!

Cost- $750

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