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Embodied Wisdom: Shamanic Trance Dance and Sensual Awakening Ritual for Women with Shayna Hiller

March 22, 2024
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

If you feel like you’ve been carrying the world on your shoulders and you kinda need more than a massage, come gift yourself an evening of deep feminine nourishment. It’s time to slow down and fill your tank!
For many women, pleasure is often associated with shame and/or guilt. It can be easier to give to others than to ourselves. It’s time to rewrite the script and reclaim pleasure as our birthright. Pleasure is an essential ingredient for creativity, inspiration, vitality, self-confidence and inner peace.

Intentional pleasure is also the key to manifestation, for as we allow more of what feels good into our bodies (not just through visualization but through embodiment as well), this new vibration recalibrates our energetic system so we literally become the same frequency of our desire. This is a magnetic force which helps us attract more abundance into our lives with less effort. If you’re into the Law Of Attraction, you’ll definitely be into this!

In Yogic philosophy, the term ‘Pratyahara’ is used to describe withdrawal from the senses as a way to reach enlightenment. Unless you plan to move to a monastery anytime soon, it may be difficult to avoid the sensory input of our modern world. According to Tantra, the body and the senses are seen as sacred, and when we become more tuned into our physical sensations, we can open up channels for Universal guidance and miracles to flow in. It’s the real deal!

Our Friday Eve Flow:

Introduction and Intention Setting Ritual

Part 1: Shamanic Trance Dance – Liberation Through Movement

Embark on a dynamic journey as we dive into the ancient practice of Shamanic Trance Dance. This is a form of moving meditation, not a ‘dance class’. Guided by rhythmic beats, a specific breathing pattern and repetitive movement, this immersive experience invites you to release inhibitions, connect with the primal energy within and liberate your body from the constraints of daily life. Through intentional and intuitive movement, we’ll tap into the wisdom of our bodies, shedding layers of tension and embracing a sense of liberation and inner guidance. This is an opportunity to connect with your body in a new way and reclaim the magic within.

Short Break

Part 2: Sensual Awakening Ritual – The Art Of Receiving

In the second part of our workshop, we transition into a sacred exploration of the senses. Rooted in Tantric wisdom, this ritual helps to regulate the nervous system and awaken various ‘pleasure pathways’ in the body.

Through various mindful tactile sensations, scents, tastes, sounds and consensual non-sexual touch, we create a safe container for you to soften the armor, reconnect with your body, honor its wisdom and tap into the pleasure that resides within. It’s all about learning the art and skill of RECEIVING! You give so much to others. It’s time to fill your personal pleasure tank so you can continue to serve from overflow and magnetize your desires with less effort and more ease. This ritual is an invitation to embrace pleasure as a pathway to healing, empowerment and spiritual connection.

Group Share and Closing Circle

What to bring: Your curious lovely self. Everything else will be provided. This is your time to receive!

What to wear: Loose comfortable clothing. Ideally nothing too tight or restrictive.

Workshop Highlights:

Trauma-Informed Approach: This workshop is designed with your well-being in mind, ensuring a safe and supportive space for your unique journey.
Embodied Healing: Explore the powerful synergy of movement, breath and pleasure as tools for healing and self-discovery.
Sacred Connection: Join a community of like-minded women on a shared journey toward deeper embodiment, wellness and spiritual awakening.
Sensual Surprises: It’s a surprise!

Cost $44

About Shayna:

Shayna Hiller is a yoga & meditation teacher and board certified health coach based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s been teaching + coaching for nearly two decades. She is also a certified Tao Shamanic Priestess and women’s healing + embodiment guide. Her unique multidisciplinary approach incorporates teachings and practices from Yoga, Tantra, Coaching, Modern Psychology + Shamanic Chinese Medicine.

Having healed herself from a severe eating disorder, nonexistent libido and lack of menstruation for over a decade, she is passionate about helping women heal from trauma, awaken their feminine energy and use pleasure as the guiding force for generating more peace, power, prosperity and magic in their lives. No matter what age or life phase!

Learn more about Shayna here:

IG: @shaynahiller

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