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New Year’s Attunement To Soul Intent with Leah Zaccaria and Mikhaila Stettler

January 1, 2024
5:00 PM - 6:45 PM

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions from the ego-mind, we’ll go straight to the Source to receive guidance and direction for your greatest thriving, flourishing, fulfillment and expression in the coming year. Join Leah Zaccaria and Mikhaila Stettler in this deep inner attunement process, you’ll be guided to directly connect with your soul’s intent for your highest possibilities in this next year.
Leah will guide you through a gentle yoga class and pranayama then Mikhaila will guide you into the attunement process and end with sound healing. Start your year off with a clear sense of direction, a confident, body-based feeling of inner knowing, aligned and attuned to the path of your greatest fulfillment.

Mikhaila Stettler is a trusted advisor and transpersonal mentor/coach to conscious leaders, creatives and healers with over 30 years’ experience teaching bodymind wellness, meditation and energy medicine in every setting from Fortune 100 headquarters and major personal growth centers to medical schools, hospitals and the general public. A life-long yogini, her teaching experience includes 35+ years teaching meditation, and 20+teaching yoga and qigong, including founding a full-service wellness center and yoga studio. She’s an award-winning meditation coach and energy master with a unique set of psychic abilities verified and proven hundreds of times during her 25+ years as a holistic doctor (founded 6 integrative medical clinics, graduated 1st in class, Summa Cum Laude).

Cost $50

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