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Summer of Silence with Dan Ward

June 20, 2024 - July 25, 2024
7:30 AM - 10:30 AM

The power of silence is vast and fathomless. In our busy, hectic lives with a cacophony of irritations and distractions, many of us struggle to find a quiet time where we can contemplate the big issues that really matter, the matters of the heart that give our lives meaning and the thorny issues we tend to avoid; subjects that demand our full attention and absorption. The biggest issue, of course, is the great mystery of life and the dilemma of what to do about it.
This offering provides the support of others to keep us on track. We are fellows on the self-same mission, there is no fickleness about when it will end and where we are going. We meet at the appointed time and we have planned our course. There is something about walking on the beach with purpose while at the same time remaining open to everything around us. The crashing shore, the undulating surface of the sea, and the other humans and animals whose fate have crossed our paths this fine morning. We all got up and went to the beach.
With sandy feet and knowing smiles, we’ll then tumble into the salt room and dial in some powerful yogic breathwork. It doesn’t have to be intricate or advanced, the simplest techniques work best anyway. At the heart of this practice, the seat of consciousness is primed for meditation. Because the Pranayama and Meditation are fairly brief in terms of duration, we skip out on the usual aches and feet falling asleep that accompany a long sit.
This is a California summer, locals and visitors welcome, chill but with some energy. By the time we get to the yoga class, we’ll be ready to test our abilities. Especially the ability to stay calm when doing difficult things. This vibe, born on the beach, and stoked by pranayama, is poured into one of Dan’s signature yoga classes.

How’s it going to go?
Meet at Shefayoga in Venice, California on Thursday morning for six consecutive weeks where we’ll embark on an hourlong Noble Walk of Silence on Venice Beach. When we arrive back at the studio, it’s into the Salt Room for a pranayama practice and meditation session before heading over to Studio B for a fiery heated vinyasa class.

What’s a walk of Noble silence?
It’s a walking meditation where the participants stay together, forming a loose posse of sorts, and do not speak.

What’s pranayama?
Like asana, pranayama is its own limb of yoga. While asana focuses on posture, pranayama focuses on developing awareness of subtle energy by bringing attention to and controlling one’s breath. Pranayama is practiced within many asana styles. The classic nose-only breathing of a vinyasa flow yoga class refers to Ujjayi Pranayama or victorious breath. Dan likes that title and feels that it means that when you’ve found Ujjayi, you’ve already won. There’s nothing you need to prove or perform, the steadiness of the breath clears and focuses the mind so that you can see clearly whatever is the object of your attention. And when you see what you are focusing on very clearly, in a distilled way, you may bond with the truth of the thing, whatever it is.

Why these three things together?
It’s a perfect fit. The qualities of each practice are amplified when placed side-by-side. Try it out.
You might just love it.

6 Thursday Mornings in June and July
A bundled group of 3 separate practices to create a complete yoga morning.
1 hour walk of noble silence – Thursday 7:30 am
Pranayama and Meditation in the salt room 8:45-9:15 am
Heated vinyasa at 9:30am
Limited to 12 participants
$88 for prema-members
$108 for those with basic membership
$150 for non-members
June 20, 27
July 4,11,18, 25
NOTE: This group does meet on the 4th of July.



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