kirtan shefayoga

Harvest Full Moon Kirtan with Masood Ali Khan, Cooper Ladnier, and Sianna Sherman

September 29, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Join the Rasa Yoga Collective for an evening of sonic alchemy and full moon blessing energy. There is deep healing potential that comes with every full moon cycle. It helps us realize our true self and abilities if we are aware and utilize the tools of the ancient practice of the technology of Yoga. Although many people are missing out on the secret juice that is within the practice of Yoga after the physical asana practice.
Along with Pranayama, Meditation and Mudras, Kirtan utilizes the practice of sacred mantra as sonic alchemy for self realization and transformation of mind and body for the liberation of the true self.

With the musical and sacred mantra guidance of Masood Ali Khan and Cooper Ladnier you will experience an evening of specific mantras to chant along with the handpans, harmonium, tabla and various instruments.

**No previous experience is necessary, just bring your voice to sing or chant as this can be the most beneficial in your own transformation, however to be absorbed in the sacred mantras, music and community can bring a profound state of being just as it is to be in a yoga class together.

We also have the honor of Sianna Sherman sharing a Full Moon blessing at the beginning of the Kirtan.



Masood Ali Khan is one of the pioneers of singing mantras with the hand pan.

A musician of prayer and believer in love for the earth and humanity.

Masood has a unique musical performance as prayer, holding a ceremonial space with ‘Music as Medicine’ for a meditative uplifting experience with his mesmerizing combination of the hand pans and sacred mantras, infused with the power of the heart and mind healing potential to help humanity.

Cooper Ladnier is a kirtan singer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles who is all
about creating soul-stirring melodies and rhythms. His journey into the world of music
began with western classical training, it was Indian folk and devotional music that truly set his soul
on fire.  Cooper creates mesmerizing soundscapes that are both captivating and ethereal. Prepare to experience a musical adventure that will leave your heart singing long after the last note fades away.

Cost $25

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