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Cacao Ceremony with Astrology & Music with Grant Kellogg

October 21, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Immerse yourself in the healing properties of Himalayan salt, within The Salt Healing Room room where the energies of cacao and the cosmos converge. This enchanting gathering offers you a unique opportunity to explore the depths of your heart, connect with like-minded souls, and gain insights into the celestial forces that shape your life.
Our Cacao Ceremony will be a delightful blend of song and ceremony. Through the ancient tradition of cacao, we will open our hearts and minds, facilitating a deeper connection with ourselves and each other. The ceremonial cacao will guide us on an inner journey, unlocking the wisdom within us.

About Grant: Grant’s role as a cacao ceremonialist is a testament to his ability to create sacred spaces and guide individuals on inner journeys of self-discovery and heart-opening experiences. He combines delicious cacao, high vibe music on his ukulele and more that becomes a unique heart-opening experience. The cacao ceremonies he leads are a testament to his dedication to healing, connection, and the profound wisdom of plant medicine.

In Grant’s unique blend of astrology, music, yoga, and cacao ceremonies, he weaves together a tapestry of spiritual exploration, self-expression, and healing, inviting others to join him on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Cost – $33

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