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Collaborate: The Partnership of Hands-on Adjustments with Dan Ward and Chrissy Constable

March 30, 2024
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Join Dan Ward and Chrissy Constable in exploring the art and science of hands on adjustments. Adjusting offers the practitioner a new perspective, making them aware of habits and opening the door to new possibilities.

In this workshop you’ll practice giving and receiving adjustments; using Katona Yoga® theory and practice to break down shapes and learning how to create a stable, in depth, and eye opening experience.

This workshop is for students who would like to deepen their knowledge and practice as well as for teachers looking to enhance their offerings.
Dan Ward Yoga: Dan’s 20+ years of teaching experience has taught him how precise
adjustments can help students prioritize safety and deepen their practice.

Chrissy Katonah Yoga®: Chrissy’s background has helped many students strengthen their understanding of personal boundaries and limitations through Katonah theory and Katonah hands-on adjustments.

Cost $75

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