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Activate Your Inner Radiance with Jessie May Wolfe

March 10, 2024
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

A HeartRise Workshop with Jessie May Wolfe!

Radiance is an aliveness that we awaken from within. A rhythm we can return to. One that can guide and empower us. Once ignited, your radiance is contagious and captivating, emitting a presence far more lasting and luminous than anything your conditioned mind would have you believe.

In this signature HeartRise workshop with Jessie May Wolfe, learn to awaken your heart’s power as you become aware of the patterns that have kept you from honoring its TRUE guiding wisdom.

Jessie May will take you on an energetic journey, infused with reiki and sensory magic, to reconnect with your source and learn tools to lead from your intuitive heart compass.
Sure to dazzle your senses, relax your mind and tickle your soul, this workshop will activate your Inner Radiance, and leave you feeling more luminous than ever.

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Cost – $55

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Group Energy & Sound Healing