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Beyond the Basics: 26&2 Workshop and Posture Clinic with Kari Jaffe

October 19, 2024
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Are you craving a deeper understanding of the 26 & 2 lineage? Are you new to the sequence and have questions? Have you been a student of this system for a long time and feel stuck? Are you ready to explore and further the practice of self-study as you step out of your comfort zone?
Join Kari on Saturday, October 19th from 2-4pm for a breakdown on the notorious hot yoga sequence. The class will be built from the ground up with the nucleus of the workshop detailing foot work, attention to alignment and breath manipulation. The mechanical breakdowns will focus on the warm-up pranayama breathing, half moon with backbend and forward bend, standing head to knee, standing bow pulling pose, triangle, camel and rabbit poses. The room will be gently heated to roughly 85 degrees. Kari will offer all sorts of tips and tricks to help transform your practice and keep you endlessly searching for more. Come prepared to partner up and demo if you have specific questions! We will do interesting drills, we talk about reality vs. expectation and we tear down the dogma surrounding this lineage.

Come back on Sunday, October 20th from 2-3:30 for 26&2 class with Kari and implement everything you learned in the workshop plus get some extra goodies!

These workshops are super fun and informative. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your practice and empower yourSelf! See you on the mat!

Cost $35 for members

$50 for non-members

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