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What is Live Vibrational Yoga?
Incorporates a gentle meditative yoga flow led by international instructor Sunshine Zerda alongside intuitive musical exploration by world-renowned performing artist QVLN.
This unique combination of live music, movement and breathwork is designed to bring mindfulness into the present moment. Participants can expect a well rounded class that will focus your breath, encourage an internal energy shift, and soothe your senses with vibrational frequency healing.
Our Purpose:
To integrate the collective consciousness with grounding, movement, mindfulness, sound healing, connection and guiding the community in experiencing elevated vibrations/emotions of joy, love, empathy and gratitude. Ultimately, helping all beings to live a higher quality of life.

A little about us…

QVLN – International performing artist, singer, multi instrumentalist and composer, QVLN (pronounced Q-Violin) is at the forefront of music genre evolution and exploration. With an intense understanding of North, Central and South American rhythms, his creative directive is to navigate all forms of musical expression focusing on community outreach, social justice and arts education.

Sunshine Zerda – A former United States Junior Olympic athlete in the sport of Gymnastics, she is also a certified personal trainer, high intensity functional training expert, certified RYT Yoga teacher, lululemon ambassador, certified Hot Pilates Mat instructor, and self-defence combat specialist. With Sunshine’s diverse athletic background, she offers a physically challenging yet spiritually powerful and passionate class.

Cost $35

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