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As we approach the end of this challenging and transformative year, we invite you to dive deeper into your self care practice by reflecting on the lessons of 2020 and resetting your nervous system through the practice of yoga. The ultimate self care is to know yourself fully – through honest reflection and introspection. In sanskrit, the language of yoga, this is called svadhyaya or self study. Join Nicolette and Laura in this one of a kind workshop where they will create the safe and supportive space for you to go on this inner journey.

Using the alchemy of yoga, meditation, somatic psychology, and reiki healing this workshop will provide the all-inclusive self healing experience. Laura and Nicolette lead a yoga class, the first half will be a vinyasa flow to warm our bodies and drop us out of our heads and into our hearts. The second half will be a restorative experience to down regulate and reset the nervous system. Expect to walk away with reiki + somatic psychology tools to integrate into your everyday life to strengthen your relationship with yourself and embody the wisdom of svadhyaya.

The Hemp Black Airstream retail store will be on-site with goodies and giveaways. Hemp Black is an innovative hemp-based textile and apparel technology brand focused on wellness, sustainability, and functionality. Their apparel line offers athleisure wear for men and women that feature our cutting-edge antimicrobial and protective clothing technology including a selection of antimicrobial face masks and gaiters that are knit with zero-waste from antimicrobial, hemp extract infused fibers. Hemp Black always designs with active lifestyles in mind but are exceptionally inspired by the art and practice of yoga. There will be onsite giveaways and products for purchase including gift bags with stickers, chances to win a CBD topical, CBD soft gel samples, and a gaiter face mask. Free beanie with a $150 purchase of Hemp Black apparel or CBD topicals, tinctures, and supplements products made from full-spectrum hemp flower extract.

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