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In this amazing workshop, you will have the unique experience of two of the best healing practices available in ancient times as well as today to treat you as a whole (mind, body, spirit), working on a physical level to detox your body, while deeply relaxing your mind and connecting with your soul on this holistic complete treatment.
The entire soundbath and cupping session will be 1h30min.

It will be a small group of only 10 people so Mirelle can focus on everyone’s needs and give you our full attention.

Thais will guide everyone to a relaxing state with the alchemy singing bowls and Mirelle will do cupping on everyone, she will place the cups first on your back and then on your belly and chest.

WEAR: comfortable clothes and a sports bra or bikini top (for women), you will be asked to remove your shirt for the suction cups to be placed on the skin of your back.

BRING: we will provide a blanket but you can bring your own for extra coziness. Recommend bringing or wearing socks.

Here are some notes BEFORE you come:

Eat a small meal 2 or 3 hours before the session.
Drinks lots of water throughout the day.
AFTER the session:

Hydrate! Give your lymphatic system the extra fluids it needs to flush your body of the toxins
Don’t shower immediately after cupping.
Keep the areas that were treated covered and warm.
Avoid alcohol.
You may even feel mildly fatigued or experience flu-like symptoms the next day. This is normal. It’s your body processing and expelling the toxins that were released during your cupping session.

Lastly, don’t let the red marks fool you – it doesn’t hurt

The red marks should go away in a few days.

Take it easy, get extra rest, and practice good self-care. Your body will thank you!

How does it work?

Cupping Therapy in a practice of using suction on the skin. These suction cups break capillaries, the small blood vessels near the skin surface, resulting in red marks where the cup was placed on.

What are the health benefits of Cupping Therapy?

Traditionally, cupping has been practiced for over 3000 years in Chinese medicine, and was also found to be practiced by the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. Hippocrates even used it.

Releases illness-causing stagnation: If you have allergies and colds, it is often said that you have a stagnation of the lungs. TCM practitioners consider that cupping works better the darker color the mark is, because the darker color means more stagnation is released.

Pain & inflammation relief: Massage techniques involve manipulating blood to Bow into the muscles to release trigger points & flush out inflammation. Cupping therapy can do the same thing for areas of the body with less fat tissues, such as the back and shoulders.

Increases circulation & speeds healing: Because cupping creates localized inflammation, it can have this effect on a stagnant injury in addition to stimulating more blood and lymph Bow to that area.

Did you know that Cups can affect tissue as far as 4 inches (10 cm) into the human body.

* Cups encourage circulation

* Cups helps with relaxation and de-stressing

* Cups help clear congestion and stagnation

* Cups can lift, rehydrate and manipulate fascia

* Cups encourage neovascularization

* Cups help alleviate excessive pressure on sensory organs and soft tissue, which leads to a reduction in pain.

The studio we are working with offers the pricing as follows:
Members $75
Non-members $85

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September 24
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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