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Among all other parts of you that you have been evolving, ask yourself, is it time to evolve your breathing? Have you ever taken a few hours to learn about and practice the movement of the vital air and life force as it rides up on the air?
This is an invitation to join world-renowned breathworker Rabie Hayek at Shefa Yoga to take some time to learn with your life force in new and powerful ways.
Rabie will teach about the use of conscious breathing as modern day medicine in a world that has been quite literally scared of the air and teaching people to continue that…until we break the cycle.
Learn modern day applications of ancient pranayama and elements from breath styles of many lineages
Awaken latent abilities that are connected to the daily heightening of your life force and utilize them now
Find the grace and joy in knowing how to get body, mind and spirit moving in one direction
Support your existing asana practice with a shift in how you approach breathing
Release daily build-up of accumulated stuck energy and find a level of freedom that is in your breathing well
“When your mind is more powerful than your spirit, you won’t breathe consciously. When your spirit is more powerful than your mind, you will.” – Rabie Hayek
Cost $25
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